Video is a great way to connect with your customers. We provide promotional content to showcase anything your business wishes to highlight. 

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Live Streaming

We have invested heavily into equipment to stream your content to the web, as it happens…live. With the ability to stream up to 6 cameras in full HD to social media, or onto our private hosting site, our service can be tailored to fit any production. We also provide recordings of all streamed content with the ability to re-edit later. 

Perfect for all events including webinars, debates, corporate exhibitions, weddings, musicals and more.


Capturing your event today, is now more important than ever. We have the capabilities to record any event, big or small. Events captured on video don’t only  keep memories but are also an excellent cost effective way to promote future events.

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Video is the most cost-effective way to communicate your message to a wide audience. It can educate, inspire and is a proven way to increase brand awareness.

We have filmed all over Ireland, the UK, Europe and as far away as Thailand. We are able to adapt to any location. We also include Nationwide travel for free.. in all our quotes. 

We have a full 4k camera kit using Fs7’s and other Sony cameras, giving us the ability to shoot everything from vertical video to super slow motion. 

We tailor video production packages to suit each client. Please get in touch and we can guarantee a cost effective price for your video.

We, as a company, have worked in the broadcast and corporate sectors of video production for over 8 years. We have worked for leading brands such as Ford, VHI Healthcare & Lidl to create powerful and engaging content that has resulted in considerable sales to our clients. We have also won several awards globally for short form films and documentaries over the past number of years.